Friday, November 26, 2010



Spectrum 17 is out now! Check out that link for a list of places to purchase. I got my copy in the mail a few days ago and it's lovely, full of illustrations and new book smell. My featured piece, 'A Dead Sheriff In Little Wichita', rests opposite a rather scary (but wonderfully done) image.

Also, I modified my site so that it serves as a blog/portfolio rather than just a blog. If you've been following these posts via some RSS thing, you may enjoy taking a look at the site again. The portfolio sections are carefully organized (and updated), whereas my blog is just anything that I'm not too embarrassed to post. Links have been updated too. And I drew this quick self-portrait for my About page, because I look straight-up unfriendly in photos. I swear my face is just like that.

Monday, November 22, 2010


The Venture Brothers.

I just finished the Venture Bros. season finale. I'm afraid if I start talking about it too much, I'll only get super-excited and not be able to stop (it's a problem). So I'll just say I loved it. A lot.

There's a lot of VB stuff on this blog, but I wanted to make something to celebrate Season 4. So here's a sort of nod to the early days, when the twins were mostly just dopey boy adventurers. Dean and Hank are a lot more than that now, of course. VB has always been a very funny show, but the evolution of the characters and their whole universe is really incredible. Above and beyond what one might expect from an animated series.

... You should probably just watch it if you haven't already. And start from the beginning. Otherwise you're just askin' for trouble.

Updated: I felt bad because there are a bunch of people ending up on this post after searching for season finale music info. So here is the list of jackets Shallow Gravy sings about before dialogue kicks in... Yellow. Strait. Smoking. A full metal. Flak. Leather. Varsity. Also, the song that plays at the end of the episode is Pulp's "Like A Friend." And yes. I lost my shit when it started. Maybe even more than when I heard the band's getting back together in 2011 (YESSSS).

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Paradise Circus.

Super-quick one. I was listening to Massive Attack's "Paradise Circus," and this is what happened. I'm also currently dealing with a mild obsession with crosses. Not for any religious reason. But whoever designed Jesus's brand identity did a really nice job. I appreciate it.