Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Justice League.

The current Remake/Remodel challenge on Warren Ellis's Whitechapel: Making a poster for Malcolm McLaren's 1977 Justice League film (don't worry, that didn't actually happen). It seemed appropriate to turn the JLA into a punk band for this. Design-wise, I suppose mine doesn't necessarily fit the period, but my focus was really on the figures/costuming. I love re-interpreting characters and making up fake bands, so this was fun to do during breaks from other work. There are a few bits I especially enjoy, like Wonder Woman's stockings and Batman's t-shirt. And for some reason, the idea of Aquaman not being able to hold his alcohol was really funny to me. I don't know. Oh, and I scribbled a JLA logo thing for the occasion.

In hindsight, I should have done a color sketch first because I was working with set schemes. The left side of the drawing turned out kind of heavy on the red. THANKS A LOT, FLASH.