Thursday, March 31, 2011


So. I'm going to be at the MoCCA Festival in NYC from April 9 - 10 with Emma Rochon and Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, as The Society of the Okay at table D6. Among other things, I'll have postcards for sale! But if you can't make it to MoCCA Fest, the postcards are also in my online store.


It's the first time we're doing MoCCA and, while I want to make sketches available, I'd like to try and spend more time interacting than drawing at this con. Let's give this a go... PRE-ORDERS. I ink up something nice-nice before MoCCA and you can pick it up from my table at the convention. Easy.

I don't anticipate a flood of requests, so I'm accepting pre-orders until April 6th. My 2011 con pricing is $20 for inks on 9x12 Bristol. Level of detail is this-esque, but probably a bit more because I'll be drawing at home without rush. I'm asking for payment through PayPal but if that doesn't work for you, we can figure it out via e-mail.

I have no more convention plans for the rest of 2011 (or the near future, honestly -- not as anything other than a fan/attendee, anyway) and Artists Alley adventures are the only time I do commissions at this rate.* If you are interested and will be attending MoCCA, please contact me at anniewuart [at] gmail [dot] com.

... I think that's it. Thanks, and hopefully I'll see you soon!

* I've been getting some requests for other sketches to be mailed out and, unfortunately, I can't do those right now. I can offer con sketches for cheap because they're done within the tiny window of time I've set aside to prepare/attend the con anyway and they're picked up in-person. All other individual commissions fall under other rates and I currently don't have the time to give them the attention they require since I'm also freelancing full-time. I'll make a big, obnoxious announcement if/when I start doing those again. Promise.


  1. Ooh I def want a sketch! How do I preorder from you???

  2. E-mail me your request and we can work it out!

  3. Annie, any chance of orders you can mail to us unable to get to MoCCA people? You know, when we pay for shipping and all?

  4. Ahh, unfortunately... My rate and schedule are different for other commissions. Con sketches are a whole other... Quick and dirty and drawn in the weird pocket of time that I have to create anyway to attend the con.

  5. Fair enough! (Do you have regular commission time then? You turned me down last time I asked....)

  6. None in mind just yet. I'm the worst, I know. But I promise to make a huge, obnoxious announcement if I find a reasonable window of time.

    I swear, I still have a handful of commissions I owe people from 2009...