Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Waves On Swim.

Above, a cover illo from the zine I sold at MoCCA. I was looking at a lot of pictures from The General while drawing it -- Buster Keaton's long black hair was all, like, fuckin' luxurious and shit.

And now, have a few con sketches that I did and actually remembered to (sloppily) document.

MoCCA 2011 Sketches.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table. A lot of familiar faces, a lot of new friends. And if you ordered postcards from me, I promise the second half are going out in a few days! I'm going up to NYC again tomorrow to start looking for an apartment, but as soon as I'm back, I'll pack and label the rest to ship out. Besides, I probably wouldn't get these addresses right when I've got moving anxiety screaming through my skull.

I'll leave you with this tattoo from a gent named Toni from Sweden. Pretty cool, man. Pret-ty cool.


  1. Aw, they all look ace (and that's a pretty sweet tattoo that guy's got there)!

  2. Annie! Someone get a tattoo of your drawing? That's so neat! =)

  3. Wow.I saw your link on Warren Ellis' site.Glad I checked it out.