Saturday, April 28, 2012


WIRED Puzzle Illustration.
Since college, WIRED Magazine has been on my list of "someday clients" so I was thrilled to have an opportunity to work on their latest issue. Even better, the assignment was to illustrate this awesome, frantic puzzle hunt -- kind of like a scavenger hunt but with more brainy problem-solving and puns. Check out the May 2012 issue on newsstands or read the full feature on WIRED's site.

The story's absolutely fascinating, and it led me to seek out events in my area. I was excited to find similar hunts in New York City, but then I remembered that I'm terrible at this sort of thing and find even calculating tips at restaurants a sweat-inducing ordeal. So maybe I'll just enjoy from afar.
WIRED Puzzle Spots.
Above, the main illustration and some spots decorating the drop caps in the print edition. Below, a handful of rough options I did for the main illustration.
WIRED Puzzle Roughs.
Thanks to Victor Krummenacher and Gus Wezerek!


  1. your line work and color choices are my sweat-inducing-ordeal.

  2. Aw man I can't wait to get our issue in and see them in print myself! ♥