Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I had the pleasure of doing a few full-page illustrations for this month's issue of HAWKEYE. These particular pieces were inspired by romance comics from the 60s, so I tried to find a nice middle-ground between that look and my own style. I also got to do cheesy hand-lettering! Anyway, I'm there for a few pages, but you still get plenty of the David Aja + Matt Hollingsworth + Chris Eliopoulos interiors you've come to know and love through the course of this series. I really hope you're reading this book -- it's hilarious, action-packed, gorgeous, and you don't have to know about Hawkguy or nothin' to start reading the series.

I've posted the two pieces that have already shown up in previews, and you can see some of Mr. Aja's pages on his blog. Huge thanks to Matt Fraction, David Aja, Stephen Wacker, and Sana Amanat for letting me join in on this one!

Marvel's HAWKEYE #8 will be available Feb 27 (tomorrow!) digitally and at your favorite comic book store -- yes, your favorite.

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  1. Your art/"covers" are amazing and added so much to this book!! I hope to see more of your work in the future within Hawkeye!!