Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have actual news! The press release sums it up perfectly so I'll share this IGN article and copy from the DC Comics blog:

"Before the new BATMAN BEYOND creative team takes over in late summer, readers will get a special treat when a new Batgirl joins the Beyond Universe for an upcoming arc starting in July. In this story, Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon meets a mysterious young girl with a familiar bat-symbol, who not only saves her life twice, but gives her hope that brighter days are ahead. The Batgirl arc will be written by Scott Peterson and illustrated by Annie Wu."

Batgirl Beyond! With me and Scott Peterson of Batgirl fame! I got to design a Batgirl costume. That is a thing that I got to do in my life. I also got to draw (Commissioner) Barbara Gordon. C'mon. That's insane.

Not sure how much more I'm allowed to say about this, so I should probably just keep my mouth shut. For now, enjoy this cover. There were some alternates to this illustration that I also really loved -- hopefully I'll be able to share those sketches around July.

I will say this, though: I had very strong feelings about how I wanted to present this Batgirl, from her attitude to her body type to her costumed silhouette to the way her posture shifts when she lets her guard down. It's a lot of what, I suppose, I would have liked to see in characters (and sometimes be) when I was a teen. I don't know how much of that thoughtfulness successfully bleeds from my mind and into the final product, but I hope you feel it when you see her in action alongside Babs.

... Is that sappy? Probably. Okay, I'll leave now.


  1. This is excellent. Well done :D

  2. So pumped for this, Annie! That design is simply great, I'm all on board.

  3. Oh my sweet Jebus... That's just breathtaking.

    I may have make a point of picking up these issues!

  4. Oh my god this is amazing.

    Also she seems to be wearing a sports bra. Thank you for this.

    I don't usually read comics, but I'm definitely getting this when it comes out.

  5. That is fantastic.

    Who'd have guessed that a female artist would come up with an informed, relatable, and resonant design for a female heroine? : ) If only there were more like you...

    Now I'm off to your archives to see what other awesome stuff you've done.

  6. THANK you! so tired of the typical big boob/big booty super heroines wearing two strips of cloth. looking forward to this :)

  7. awesome! congrats! i'm super excited for this :D

  8. I am not going to lie that just gave me chills. I am really excited for this now.

  9. Yeah, that costume design is outstanding. This is how I want to see superheroes drawn. Well done and I'm really looking forward to supporting this character and your work on this title!