Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I made some ridiculous "spot illustrations" just to accompany this post because I felt bad about not posting anything new for a long time. So, uh, here we go.

The response to the BATGIRL BEYOND cover has been overwhelming -- thank you, guys. The real deal is on its way! VERY SOON. The Batgirl Beyond story is actually a three-part arc that will unfold ten pages at a time in BATMAN BEYOND #27 - 29, which is a digital first title. That means you can jump on the DC app or Comixology to download each of those; the first chapter will be available as early as this Saturday. THEN, next Wednesday (July 17), the three parts will be collected in print in their own issue, BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #18. So please go out to your local comic book store and demand -- DEMAND -- this issue. They'll probably be cool about it and not understand why you're being such a jerk, but don't let their politeness deter you from causing a scene, demonstrating your enthusiasm. I measure love by destruction. Do not disappoint me.*

Huge thanks to colorist Andrew Elder for managing to do great things with my insane lines (and questionable time management -- dude, I'm sorry about that), editors Alex Antone, Jim Chadwick, Sarah Gaydos, and writer Scott Peterson. Oh, Scott. That guy's worked with me before and he STILL wanted to join forces on this. He's pretty cool.


Also! HAWKEYE: LITTLE HITS, the second trade of the series, is now available. It collects issues #6 - 11, and as you may remember, I contributed a few illustrations to #8. It was also recently announced that I will be doing a few full issues for the series, starting with #14, alternating with the David Aja -- "the" was a typo but it works. MORE ON THOSE ANOTHER TIME.


Also also! Venture Bros. Season Five is now drawing to a close. I greatly enjoyed being part of the crew this season and was just as excited as all the other fans to watch the episodes as they aired. Two more are left, with the finale airing on July 28. Watch it, love it. The first season is now on Netflix, by the way, for those of you who for some reason follow my work but don't watch the show yet. I'd recommend watching the whole thing but kicking things off with "Ghosts of the Sargasso", just because that was the episode that hooked me back in the day.

*Please don't actually destroy your local comic book store. That would be really weird.

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