Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello, hello. I've been considering a full move to Tumblr. I mean, I'm already on there to occasionally post dumb things or reblog posts I like, but I haven't maintained an entirely professional blog in some time. I hate it there but that's where everything is now! Right? I don't know. This domain will most likely be for a strictly portfolio thing and then I'll... embed... the Tumblr posts? Maybe later this year. Heads up.

Quick work recap!

There's a new, new, new hour-long VENTURE BROS. special coming up January 19th at midnight. I really dig it. You will dig it. I worked as a storyboard revisionist this season, which was very different from handling character/prop color design on Season Five.

I finished up my arc on HAWKEYE. All my issues have been collected with Javier Pulido's annual in the HAWKEYE: LA WOMAN trade paperback, available now. Thank you for the kind words through these issues -- Hawkeye fans are amazing and always a joy to meet. There are two issues left in the run, and I'm super-excited to see what Matt Fraction and David Aja do in #21 and #22.

I've had a few variants out here and there... Probably too late to get them, but I did one for MS. MARVEL, a Deadpool anniversary piece for BLACK WIDOW... I have one for the upcoming BEYOND BELIEF #1 from Image's Thrilling Adventure Hour comics. I think that's out in March but the cover hasn't been released online yet. Shit, I should really throw together a gallery or something for these.

Also been doing some spots for Entertainment Weekly, thanks to Emem Offong. Editorial work is a nice way to shake things up. It's a different illustration muscle.

I think that's it for now, in terms of what's out there and announced?... I'll be doing some panels and conventions this year but those details are still being worked out -- dates will be listed on my site. Some cool projects in the works that I'll hopefully be able to talk about soon. But I feel like I say that all the time. And maybe the next time I say it, it won't be here. Ugh, youths, just pick a platform!

For more regular updates, I'm on Twitter.


  1. I do not recommend Tumblr. Viewers cannot comment on your posts and the site is poorly optimized for Google. The on-site search functions do not work at all. The site regularly changes code in ways that make displaying images difficult at proper size or at the right dimensions. The way the "dashboard" works means that it is all-too-easy for your followers to miss your posts if they do not visit Tumblr consistently, which makes the Tumblr staff akin to pushers helping users secure their next heroin fix. The XKit Guy, who makes third-party extensions for Tumblr, has to come pick up the pieces when the Tumblr staff breaks their site during their regular redevelopment cycles.

    1. Thanks for chiming in. Yeah, I really dislike it for anything remotely professional. I've been weighing the pros and cons for over a year and dragging my feet on making a decision. Unfortunately, that "next fix" aspect -- as gross and fleeting as it is -- is how a lot of people are stumbling upon new stuff, so it's hard to completely dismiss. Sometimes it really feels like it makes sense to move everything over there, throw in Disqus or whatever for comments. Or I could cross-post, maybe.